Sunday, 5 February 2012

Another Charity Day: Maven Training In Manchester

Manchester in Winter, 2012

In January, I took the train to , to visit my friends at .

Manchester in Winter, 2012

HedTek loves but regularly works with and .
So, this — the second of my — would be a Maven master class.

Manchester in Winter, 2012

The session was hands on: after a short discussion around slides focusing on concepts and philosophy, we dived into some real code.

Manchester In Winter 2012

For the morning, I brought along a mystery code base.

Maven's declarative nature means that it's possible to learn a lot about a novel code base from its project build. We started by applying comprehension tips and techniques.

Manchester in Winter, 2012
Manchester in Winter 2012

We completed the morning by moving on to wiring a new into the project. are surprisingly easy to create, and illustrate well how Maven works behind the scenes.

Manchester in Winter, 2012

In the afternoon, we used Maven to create a new project from scratch: picking on . We finished by reviewing some of the builds HedTek already deals with.


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