Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Charity Day of Agile Coaching

Bradford to London, aboard The James Herriot

The magnificent Grand Central swept me to London last week for my first .

Bradford to London, aboard The James Herriot

Thanks to Rob Dyke for inviting me to visit and for generously pledging £250 to The Woodland Trust, and to the team for such a warm welcome in this cold weather.

Bradford to London, aboard The James Herriot
sustains the community, so we share interests in the open source health space (as well as ). Rob and I met through the oss-uk-health group. Exciting times, with doors starting to open.

Table in King's Cross Hub
, King's Cross is a funky space, a stones throw from the famous station.
Grand Central HST London Kings Cross
Stairs in King's Cross Hub
00_hub kings x_panoramic view ground floor

We were booked into the board room — an interesting space with plenty of glass for drawing on.

0063_HKX_detail_glass writing
The board table filled most of the space, imposing some physical limits on our activities. We improvised and adapted to this physicality.

The team are just starting Scrum. Our morning focused on building skills and knowledge. The inaugural followed, after lunch.

For the morning, I brought along pick-n-mix. Before each session, we played decision poker to pick one from five themes:

Thumb voting then picked one activity from the themed mix. One red card session on user stories was included.

We hit our timeboxes, squeezing in five sessions each structured as {5m plan, 20m do, 5m reflect}, with time for breaks. The physicality of my ladybird timer proved popular: personal, quirky and fun.

After lunch, I observed the meeting, and offered some feedback, before we all left tied but happy.

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