Tuesday, 28 April 2009

9th May UNsustainable Unconference@FACT

"UNsustainable UNconference (May 9, 12.00pm, free admission) relies on
the knowledge of its audience-participants as the core programme.

A Manifesto for Change

An unconference is a participant driven face-to-face conference that
set's its own agenda and facilities inclusive debate.

The UNsustainable UNconference comes out of FACT's response to the
city's Year of Environment, and the urgent need to have a forum to
advance the ecology and dialogue around the sustainability of society.
Held alongside our first project that explores this question, Climate
for Change, the UNconference invites communities of interest who have
been engaged in this project and who are operating through self-
organising networks and alternative models of both capital and
cultural production.

During the course of the debate the participants will generate a
Manifesto for Change; drafted by multiple authors, looking at
envisaging and identifying the principles to adhere to, to live in a
more sustainable world. A People's Plan rather than a Master Plan

There will be invited experts, consultants who are participating in
civic discourse on social change and climate change, and all are are
invited to contribute"

we'd like to ask that yourself (as well as any of your colleagues,
associate groups, participants & friends sign up and come along and
join in the debate)

and to add your/their details to: http://climateforchange.fact.co.uk/unsustainable_unconference

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