Friday, 29 May 2009

3 June Exposure Leeds #4 - The Technology Special!

Full details

Exposure Leeds is series of monthly events in a user-group format aimed at helping those serious about their photography to improve and develop.

This months' event will tie in with Leeds Web Festival, LSx09, and deliver a special technology focus. Because of this we are going to run the evening in a mini-photocamp format - with simultaneous workshop / presentations. Because of this I am asking for speakers / workshop leaders to volunteer to deliver sessions of a more 'technical nature'.

This could be more obvious computer/web-related issues such as...
- Flickr secrets (Greasemonkey, anyone?)
- Websites
- Photoshop
- HDR :-)
- Lightroom
- Capture NX or
- Photosynth

Or could be otherwise 'technical'; but whichever you choose - it should be easy to cover (you'll have 60-90 minutes) and would be best if those in the workshop can get involved. Do you have ideas? Think you can help? Have some technical passions? We may also run a new short session of 'my top tip' - if you have one you'd be happy to share then please let me know! There will be time given over for networking and socialising - including continuing the evening at a nearby hostelry.

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